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Gallery Folders

::Titanium Kerokko:: by chaseau
Halloween with the Animates by shirochan
Galaxia II by EnchantedCupcake
Sailor Pewter Fox by ReachFarHigh
Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Chaos, Healed Galaxia
Sailor Galaxia by Kirael-Art
Galaxia by m-u-ll-e
The Golden Queen by Mangaka-chan
Power Galaxia_ Full version on Patreon by Pillara
Sailor Lead Crow
Sailor Crow by Pillara
.crystal princess sailor lead crow by mimiclothing
+SailorMoon+ Sailor Lead Crow by StasMaromi
Chibi Sailor Lead Crow by MistyQue
Sailor Aluminum Seiren
.crystal princess sailor aluminium siren by mimiclothing
+SailorMoon+ Sailor Aluminium Siren by StasMaromi
Chibi Sailor Aluminium Siren by MistyQue
Sailor Aluminium Siren by JackoWcastillo
Sailor Tin Nyanko
.crystal princess sailor tin nyanko by mimiclothing
+SailorMoon+ Sailor Tin Nyanko by StasMaromi
Sailor Tin Cat Screen Cap Redraw by ChibiSofa
Sailor Tin Nyanko by GGG85
Sailor Iron Mouse
Chibi Sailor Iron Mouse by sakkysa
.crystal princess sailor iron mouse by mimiclothing
Sailor Iron Mouse by Seeraholic
+SailorMoon+ Sailor Iron Mouse by StasMaromi
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
.crystal princess sailor heavy metal papillon by mimiclothing
Chibi Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon by MistyQue
Heavy Metal Christmas by Leaf-nin
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon by JackoWcastillo
Sailor Chi and Phi
.crystal princess sailor chi by mimiclothing
.crystal princess sailor phi by mimiclothing
::Chi and Phi:: by chaseau
.:SailorPhiSailorChi:. 114.115 by yaoi-fangirl
Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne
.crystal princess sailor lethe by mimiclothing
.crystal princess sailor mnemosyne by mimiclothing
Sailor Lethe+Mnemosyne_Sailor Moon by Asagui-marian
Sailor Lethe by JackoWcastillo
Sailor Pewter Fox
Livestream Chibi fun by purenightshade
SailorPewterFox by neofox
Sailor Pewter Fox by yumisan13
Sailor Titanium Kerokko
Sailor Titanium Kerroko by kidmarvelj
Sailor Buttress, Theta and Musical Phi and Chi
+WIP+ Sailortheta by purenightshade
Sailor double Animamates by Kittybags
Tenderness by Mitsuno-Queen-Sonoko
Handmade items not for cosplay
Sailor Iron Mouse Figure by Kittybags
Stories or Poetry
Checking to see if all you memebers and or watchers would be interested in see contests here? Please comment if you'd be interested!
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About The Group

Welcome, we bid you enter the imfamous Galaxia Palace, central home to the most feared ruler of the universe, Galaxia.

This group is for those who love the canon villians of Shadow Galactica be it manga, sera myu or anime. We Loved to hate, and hated to love such characters as the Animamates, The Star gardeners, and the River Senshi. And we all bow down to Sailor Galaxia.

1. Only fanart and cosplay/ homemade items are allowed!! No offical artwork or screencaps, because that is stealing. If you have an image from a Sera Myu THAT YOU TOOK, it will be allowed, otherwise none are allowed.
2. DO NOT SUMBIT ANYTHING NUDE OR SUGGESTIVE! This group is open for all ages, and I'd like to keep it clean
3. Do not sumbit artwork that isn't yours unless you are suggesting it as a favorite! If there is a comment on the artwork's info on your page that says it was made by someone else, it will not be allowed. This is to help showcase YOUR work under YOUR name only. Feel free to note the group to lead us to someone elses work.
4. Only sumbit artwork for the characters represented by the folders. This is for those that are under Galaxia only, not all villians and not all villians within the StarS series. If you are unsure where to place an image, place it in Featured, and We will make sure it finds a home. :)
5. Please keep submittions as close to canon as possible. Please DO NOT sumbit entries for the animamates real senshi counterparts. Their names (at least some) were the only things mentioned in canon. All else is unknown about their look and this grioup is for lovers of canon/ offical Shadow Galactica. Please do not submit fuku redesins for the senshi!! Please do not submit any civillian images of the senshi in outfits that they neve3r wore in the anime! Trying to keep this canon at this moment in time!

Rules are subjected to change at any time as needed ^^ ^^








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PaminaArtistry Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the adding >///<
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Do you accept art for Sailor Animamates OCs?
gothicpysi Featured By Owner May 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No, however there is a group for that :)

NathaliePieri Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting me!
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